The Guitars

 I painstakingly custom-build my guitars with meticulous attention to every detail, using the very finest materials available.  My experience, acquired in more than 20 years in this business, and the use of long-aged woods are reflected in the finished instruments. Of course, guitars come in different shapes and sizes, each one having a different tonal response. And here again my experience helps me identify the correct wood for the appropriate guitar.
I plane the wood manually to feel the figure and consistency of the material.

  • 6 string Spruce / Maple
  • 6 string Parlour
  • 6 string Cedar / Rosewood
  • 6 string Spruce / Curled Maple
  • 7 string Concert Guitar

The choice of guitar and woods is up to you. And I would be only too happy to build it for you by request.

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