Even with a lot of care, it is always possible to damage some parts of the guitar. I would be happy to  carry out any necessary repair work on your much loved instrument, advising you fully on all costs involved and the length of time it would take to carry out the repair work.

I carry out all types of repair work, including work on the fret board, cracks in the cover or on the corpus, or the renewal of the bridge, nut and the mechanics.  And you can be assured that all repairs will be carried out to the highest possible standard.

I also do repair work on electric guitars


Tying new fret € 230,-
Tying new fret/guitar with binding € 280,-
Tying high-grade steel fret € 300,-
Repairs to cracks in the cover €   80,-
Repairs to cracks on the corpus €   60,-
Renewal of bridge (“stegeinlagen”) €   30,-
Renewal of nut (“sattel”) made from bone €   60,-
Renewal of mechanics €  60,- / 180,-

 february 2020

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